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The Pourriture Noble Society ("pourriture noble" is also known as "noble rot"), is a winetasting society located in Holland whose members have completed an extended study of wine and that are recognised as masters of Wine (Vinologen). The society was founded on October 13, 1986 and meet monthly to taste 10 to 15 specially selected wines from different regions around the world. As well as the monthly meetings, the group makes an annual visit to a particular wine region to sample and enjoy the local wines of that area with to date have included the Mosel region in Germany, Rheigau and Mittelrhein. Champagne, Burgundy, Loire, Elzas in France, Luxemburg, Portugal and Tuscany In Italy and Spain have been visited once or more. There is also an annual dinner when the members themselves prepare the special chosen courses for the meal, and then select matching wines which often come from the Society's own cellar. The Society's motto is: "Gout y d'or" (groeit ie door?), that meens "will it devellop?" A Dutch language edition of this page is also on this site. 

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